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Born and raised in Japan, Maria Mori embarked on a creative journey that led her to Australia in 2002. Since settling in Karratha in 2015, she has become an integral part of the vibrant artistic community.

Drawing inspiration from the rich legacy of blackout poetry, Mori, also known by her creative alias Foolish Fancy, skilfully crafts captivating artworks and literature by repurposing and reinventing existing texts. Her preferred medium involves transforming the pages of old books, often sourced from second-hand bookstores and those in the public domain. With paint, tape, thread, and scissors, she breathes new life into these forgotten pages.

Mori’s artistic process is a dynamic and interdisciplinary practice that involves creating art from found text. By employing techniques such as erasure, stitching, obscuring, and illustration, she unearths humour, delight, and wisdom within the words of pre-existing texts. Recognising that the text itself is only part of the narrative, Mori takes pride and care in the presentation, styling, and photography of each piece. These stunning artworks are thoughtfully shared on her Instagram, captivating an ever-growing audience.

With the belief that art has the power to transcend boundaries, Mori continues to push the boundaries of creative expression through her innovative approach to blackout poetry. Her work invites viewers to engage and connect with literature, showcasing the timeless beauty that emerges when art and words intertwine.

Mori whole-heartedly believes text is only half the story and takes great care and pride in presenting, styling and photographing each piece, which she shares on the social media platform, Instagram.


We invite you to immerse yourself into the realm of Foolish Fancy, where words and art dance together. Experience the unique artistry of Maria Mori’s blackout poetry and repurposed text artworks at carefully selected exhibitions in Karratha and beyond.

A delicate balance between erasure and creation, witness firsthand how Maria’s intricate use of vintage book pages, paint, tape, and scissors breathes new life into forgotten words, inspiring both connection and imagination.

Words that Remain | 28/05/2021-03/07/2021
Red Earth Arts Precinct, Karratha, WA

Words That Remain, Vol. 2 | 20/10/2022-10/12/2022
Red Earth Arts Precinct, Karratha, WA

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